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Bcut Productions Presents "The Hilltop Barbershop" Movie Premiere

This summer Bcut Productions will be premiering its latest comedy, "The Hilltop Barbershop" open to the general public

Bobby and his friends take you on a comical ride as the owner of Bobby's Cut above barbershop. The story takes you into the real world of the barbershop and the happenings inside and out. Bobby tells a hilarious story about his experiences as a young barber working with two grumpy old men up to the present of the friendships he's made over the years. From selling fake viagra, to five important lessons and a car chase at the nightclub, The Hilltop Barbershop promises to be a cut above the rest. The stories that are shared at Bobby's, especially exploding bathrooms, stolen cable and a visit to the night club, make to be an intriguing adventure that can only happen in dreams made to reality. Over the years, The boys have formed a bond of friendship as the barbershop does in a close nit community. The barbershop is the place where it all happens and it's a place where men can relax, relate and release in a separate world. In the barbershop people can open up about their life in an open forum and assured to get a response whether good or bad. Bobby offers insight to the real deal and people from all walks of life are treated the same. The hilarity begins and ends with high stakes and hi-jinx and some special encounters from the inner city that will absorb you into the life and times at Bobby's Cut Above Barbershop. The Hilltop Barbershop will be the movie debut of some very talented new actors, Michael Wess Smith and Jessica Mazo and Louis Christmas.



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