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Basics of Satellite - Meteorology and Environmental Application TERI University Announces a Special 3-day Joint Training Workshop for Geoinformatics

Geoinformatics is quickly emerging as the industry buzzword and one of the most sought after careers of the future.

Geoinformatics is quickly emerging as the industry buzzword and one of the most sought after careers of the future. From E-governance to decision support; from health to Disaster management; from oceanography and identifying potential fishing zones to pollution control monitoring, Geoinformatics is increasingly impacting how people live and how we manage planet Earth. For those Satellite data analysis enthusiasts looking to get a basic understanding of satellites - especially applications in meteorology and environment - here's some good news: TERI University jointly with IMD has announced a 3-day Joint Training Workshop between 26th and 28th of March 2014.

"This is a workshop more oriented towards the need of the time," says Dr. Kamna Sachdeva. "A number of people are intrigued by simple facts like why governments spend billions in launching a satellite, or how governments track vehicles in a country. Of course, there are the well-known uses of satellites, like the forecasting of weather by a meteorologist, or creating maps-apps that help us reach from one location to the other. But people are also increasingly intrigued about the multi-dimensional usage of satellites - from analyses of crime incident patterns, to tracking and managing water resources and drainage network, and even measuring the depletion of glaciers."

This 3-day workshop is open to all students, researchers, meteorologists, geographers, as well as professionals of disaster prevention authorities who are working in the field of satellite meteorology. With a nominal course fee of Rs. 2000, the workshop on Basics of Satellite meteorology will have an intake of about 30 participants. This training program will help researchers/students to visualize the advantages of satellite monitoring of climatic/environment variables. Training sessions will involve lectures, tutorials and hands-on experience with satellite data sets and a visit to India Meteorological Department (IMD). The topics are designed to impart knowledge about satellite meteorology and its broader applications, describe available satellite monitoring system for environment/climatic system monitoring, and describe scientific and technical challenges of climate monitoring from space and the importance of international coordination.

Offering Doctoral and Masters programmes, TERI University is the foremost institution in research and education on sustainable development and environmental issues in the country.

For more details, visit: http://goo.gl/3dXVkG

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