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Bariatric Surgery World Announces Discounts on Gastric Bypass in Tijuana, Mexico

Fidn your way to a healthier life with low-priced gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico, is available with Bariatric Surgery World.

Bariatric Surgery World is now offering discounted bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The bustling border town has long been a mecca for affordable medical care. Now, obese and overweight patients can find even more wallet-friendly deals on gastric bypass in Tijuana.

Gastric bypass surgery is more than just aesthetic weight-loss; it is a life changing procedure that is primarily aimed at mitigating the pernicious effects of what are called comorbidities. These are the disorders that result from or accompany a primary disease. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and stroke are some of the life-threatening health problems associated with being obese. A bariatric surgery is usually aimed at improving the overall health of an individual that is marred with excessive weight. Becoming thin and looking good is more like an added bonus.

Diet and exercise are ofcourse the primary methods employed by people with weight-reduction goals and surgical intervention is advised only after ascertaining that the individual has been unsuccessful at losing weight via non-surgical means. Gastric bypass is performed on people with BMI above 40, or on those with BMI above 35 but with notable co-morbidities.

With Bariatric Surgery World's recently announced discounts on weight loss surgery in Tijuana, people who cannot afford these surgical procedures in their own countries can head to Mexico make their weight-loss dreams come true.

Susan Spencer of Dallas, Texas was one of those people who would not have been able to have bariatric surgery, had it not been for the excellent deals offered in Tijuana. Undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana allowed her to save almost 90% compared to prices she sees quoted on weight loss forums by people who had the very same surgery that she received, only in the US.

"I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to make this huge change in my life without having that additional burden," she said.

And the size of the price wasn't the only thing she liked about it. She was impressed by how upfront and honest the hospital was about its billing process.

"And one of the things [that was] reassuring," she said, "[was] that before I left, I was told that it was going to be this price and it was this price. It was not like now you need pain medication, so another 15 dollars, or your sister wants to eat breakfast so that's another $7.50. It was all part of the price."

Susan said she felt completely well taken care of. Medical professionals were constantly looking after her to make sure she quickly got on the road to recovery. The hospital even took great care of her sister, who came along with her on the trip.

Bariatric Surgery World works with leading bariatric hospitals in Tijuana that not only offer treatments at much lower prices than on the other side of the border, but also ensure their services match international standards. In fact, in some of these hospitals (especially the ones located close to the border), the majority of the patients hail from the United States. People from Canada and Central America also travel here in pursuit of low-cost bariatric surgeries. These hospitals boast of very hygienic facilities and such amenities as in-house laboratories that significantly reduce the wait-times.

Getting treated in a foreign country may cause some anxiety and you can expect the rooms and other facilities to be a little different from what you are used to, at home. However, different is sometimes better. Patients are often surprised to find that their recovery room looks like it belongs in a hotel rather than a hospital. Because medical tourists are in a new, foreign place, bariatric surgeons and hospitals know that this can add to the feeling of vulnerability associated with getting surgery. They try to make it their goal to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

American and Canadian citizens who are obese and are ready to make lasting change can contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bariatric Surgery World to enquire about their discounts on gastric bypass in Tijuana, or visit their website for other success stories, like Susan's.

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