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Bare Necessities Advocates Healthy and Safe Eating with Scotland-grown, 100% Pesticide Residue Free Vegetable Produce

Bare Necessities is a leading producer and seller of a wide range of organic vegetables grown from Scottish Highlands and are highly recognised for being 100% pesticide residue-free.

The inclusion of pesticides in food is one of the biggest concerns of individuals and families who understand the importance of knowing what goes in the body. Laboratory studies indicate that pesticides in food can cause health problems in infants, children and adults, depending on the toxicity of the pesticide vis-a-vis consumption. In the worst of cases, pesticide in food can cause birth defects, nerve damage and cancer.

A true believer in food safety, health and wellness in food, Bare Necessities offers produce with no harmful pesticides or artificial fertilisers. The only organic produce brand in the United Kingdom, Bare Necessities guarantees no genetically modified organisms or GMOs in their products.

Bare Necessities' roots have been established over a century, under the headship a fifth generation farmer who still farms at the original site. The tasty, fresh, 100% pesticide residue free organic veg and other produce from Bare Necessities were grown by the first organic farmers in Scotland, and later expanded to a sizeable scale that allowed it to supply supermarkets. For years, the company has been supplying some of the most discerning retailers and organisations in the UK.

Bare Necessities grows a vast pesticide free organic veg range in its own farms and pack house, enabling farmers and staff to control all elements of the food supply chain, proven by its organic certification and accreditation from the British Retail Consortium.

Detailed at, the specific Bare Necessities products are wholehead carrots, carrot sticks, diced carrots, carrot snack packs, swede, carrot & swede mix, whole swede, parsnips and cucumbers which are certified 100% pesticide residue-free. The products are sold at Tesco, Wholefoods Market and Ocado. In addition, offers healthy and great-tasting recipes using the various organic produce as main ingredients.

To learn more about the healthy, organic vegetable produce from Bare Necessities that are guaranteed free from pesticide residue, please visit for information.

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