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Baltia Airlines Seeks to Expand Its Flights to Major Eastern European Destinations

Baltia Air Lines is preparing to operate the only non-stop flights for passengers, cargo and mail from New York's JFK International Airport to Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company is soon expanding its flights to other major cities.

Baltia Airlines (OTCQB:BLTA), the only US-based corporation currently undergoing air carrier certification, will be expanding its flights to major eastern European tourist destinations. The company's goal is to become the leading U.S. airline in the Trans-Atlantic market between the major U.S. cities and capital cities of Eastern Europe and other destinations.

As of the present time, Baltia has been awarded the JFK-to-St. Petersburg non-stop, direct flight, which reduces current travel time from upwards of 30 hours to just over 7 hours. An added incentive for investors is that only a U.S. airline (as well as a reciprocal Russian airline) is entitled to fly non-stop. "Third nation" airlines, which are currently serving the market,
can only operate connecting flights via their national airports. Thus, there is security for the company's future in the Russian and European markets.

As the company continues to grow, other cities such as Moscow, Riga, Minsk and Kiev will become home to Baltia's flight destinations. Collectively, these cities offer a consumer base of over 16 million, which, combined with St. Petersburg, will provide Baltia with a network of over 21 million people.

Beginning with St. Petersburg, the fourth largest city in Europe by population, Baltia will tap into a region that has been under-utilized by any airline. As the company acquires additional aircraft every 3-4 months, the next destination for passengers will be Moscow, the capital city of Russia. It is thought that Baltia will be able to fly to Moscow before 2015. In addition, Minsk has also been selected as one of the major cities that Baltia can provide quality service to.

Within the first year of flights, Kiev and Riga alone will offer Baltia over 3.5 million European customers to fly to and from JFK International Airport, excluding St. Petersburg. Riga happens to be the international hub of the Baltic States, as well as the home of Baltia's CEO, Igor Dmitrowsky. With a CEO that understands his market, Baltia is well-situated for explosive growth over the next several years.

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