Baltia Airlines Now Trading With TD Ameritrade

Baltia Air Lines is preparing to operate the only non-stop flights for passengers, cargo and mail from New York's JFK International Airport to Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia.

After many months of restricted trading, Baltia's stock is now openly tradable on TD Ameritrade's platform. In addition to the two other major brokers, ETRADE and Scottrade, TD gives Baltia access to over 5.8 million investors, with client assets worth over $480 billion. This is a very significant event in the company's history, as the startup airline approaches the end of its certification.

The restriction lift comes on the eve of the highest period of trading in Baltia's history. Over the past 8 weeks, Baltia's stock has rebounded from a bottom at .008/share, to a high of .034 this week. Along with a 1,000% increase in volume, there has been a great deal of interest in the simulator training portion of Phase II of the certification process. The volume and price increase may be due to the anticipation of simulator completion, which is thought to be announced in a PR by the second week of March.

The simulator training represents the final hurdle for Baltia, as both financing and scheduling has been established for certification. Upon announcement of the simulator completion, Baltia must complete two brief tasks that are single-day events, after which time their 747 plane will be at JFK International Airport to perform its proving flights. The DOT has statistically given other airlines permission to sell tickets 30-45 days before certification, so it is thought that Baltia will be selling tickets in advance of its proving flights.

As the company nears this final stage, an increase in the stock's activity will undeniably raise Baltia's market cap to reflect a higher share price and more serious outlook toward the company's future. As was the case when American Airlines launched to over $35/share from $0.33, Baltia may see a strong outbreak over the coming days and weeks as investors take notice of America's newest airline.

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