Bad Girl Gone Mom, Indie Author K.C. Lauer Publishes a Memoir on Gender Dysfunction

At thirteen years old, K.C. struggles with growing up, and the situation is even more complicated due to her birth defects. Read Bad Girl Gone Mom to discover how a girl born without a vagina eventually ends up becoming pregnant.

While the author aims this book to the young adult audience, the content is definitely of an adult nature. Lauer talks openly and honestly about her teenage drinking and the results of a bad hitchhiking ride. She shares how she felt when she was told she would not be able to have children, and relates in intimate details how that affected her life, including her self-esteem.

Gender dysfunction is not something openly discussed but about 5% of the population is born with gender development issues. Over 11% of the alcohol consumed in the U.S. is consumed by youth. This raw, tightly written memoir with just 287 pages will appeal to many.


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Tags: lgbt, promiscuous women, Teenage Suicide and sexual issue

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