Bad Credit Affects Americans More Than They Realize

A bad credit score can follow us just about anywhere. So many services and companies are concerned with credit history these days and a low credit score can make things more expensive or simply out of one's reach.

Having a bad credit score can affect many aspects of one's life. From getting a cell phone, to applying for a job, to trying to rent an apartment... bad credit can play a factor in all of these. Once someone's credit score starts to go downhill, the odds are definitely against them. They are automatically seen as a high risk and will feel the consequences of falling in to this category. Recovering from bad credit isn't easy, but it's possible. It doesn't happen quickly either. Millions worldwide are faced with this problem and here are a few of the every day problems they deal with.

If someone with bad credit needs to apply for a loan or a credit card, they're likely to pay a much higher interest rate since they are seen as a risky applicant. The cost increases with larger balances and for someone on an already fixed income, it's going to take quite a while to pay it back considering so much of the payment is going toward interest. In many cases, an applicant with bad credit may not even get approved in the first place.

A person's credit score can affect insurance rates, too. Insurance companies say that low credit scores are linked to a higher number of claims. Due to this theory, they may charge a higher premium even if the customer hasn't filed many claims in the past.

Everyone has a cell phone these days and for many it's their only phone, replacing the need for a land line. Even cell phone companies are concerned with your credit score. If they are going to extend a month of service to you, they want to be sure they're going to get paid! Customers with bad credit may have to consider a month-to-month contract (which is generally more expensive), or give up the luxury all together. This makes it really tough especially if someone is job hunting or apartment hunting.

Applying for rental properties can be a nightmare. With the rental market as competitive as it is, landlords and property managers can afford to be more picky when it comes to the applicants they decide to accept. In this case, they naturally prefer to rent to those with better credit scores. These applicants are considered a safer choice when the landlord's aim is to eliminate the risk of accepting someone who might not be able to afford the rent or who might break the terms of the rental agreement. understands the affects of bad credit and how it can seem hopeless to start working your way out. Having the security of a rental home can be the first step for many in regaining the stability they need to move forward. They know that good people fall on hard times and are helping families get on their feet by acting as their lease co-signer to help them get into a rental home that they deserve. Visit or call (855) 267-4461 to see how they can help.

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