Bad Blood Brings Good Response

MAXX12 is proving to be the Illuminati of rock music, taking it to a whole new level! When their new single "Bad Blood- Illuminati" received an overwhelming positive response, they knew it was time to show fans what being "Raw" was all about.

Maybe "Heaven Can Wait" but MAXX12 fans won't have to. This Thanksgiving, MAXX12 would like to thank their fans who have supported them along the way by posting an early release test sample of their new song "Heaven".

MAXX12 members appreciate the comments they have received from fans on the numerous social networking sites the album songs has been posted on. The number of plays for the band's album "Raw" have skyrocketed up to 80,623 with 5,470 fans on MySpace, 1,545 fans on Facebook, and 18,704 visits on the band's Reverb Nation page! MAXX12 wants to keep providing music that their fans will enjoy. This is your chance to give feedback on the song before the final recording is put on the album!

What is truly beautiful about this song is its "Raw" quality. It isn't overly produced an it incorporates a harmonic color all its own. After Bad Blood, the band shows their diversity by slowing it down a bit. Listeners really get to hear T. Michael Riddle (Vocalist and Guitarist for MAXX12) come out on his own and show what a talented musician he really is. No one puts it better than Brad Nowell (Lead Singer and Guitarist for Sublime) when he says, "Good music is good music and that should be enough for anybody."

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