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AZEX Pest Solutions Offers Breakthrough Non-toxic Bed Bug Heat Extermination Process

AZEX Pest Solutions shows what effective bed bug control is all about with tbe revolutionary non-toxic thermal process.

Much as people hate them, bed bugs are everywhere - causing health problems such as skin itchiness, asthma and other allergies. Although bed bugs have nothing to do with sanitation, the pests thrive in clutter, as it allows places for them to hide and lay their eggs.

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs and other pests, most people turn to chemicals that, while effective, are generally dangerous to people, pets and the environment. Needless to say, it is essential to approach pest control in new and smarter ways, utilizing no less than the most updated, innovative technology focusing on targeted pest control - but without compromising environmentally friendly practices.

AZEX Pest Solutions offers just that with the most advanced pest control products and service programs available for both residential and commercial extermination in the State of Arizona. Tagged as the original statewide bedbug heat service, AZEX Pest Solutions is a fully licensed and insured company backed by highly qualified State Certified in-house staff performing the bed bug heat extermination process.

Detailed at, the leading pest extermination solutions provider uses the AZEX heat process for the application of heat to individual rooms, or an entire commercial structure. The process is the genuine and most effective heat treatment on the market today, with application conducted by experts with over five years of experience.

To emphasize how the AZEX thermal treatment works as an environmentally safe solution, AZEX Pest Solutions has opened a new channel on YouTube. The KillBedBugsPhoenix Channel offers educational and informative videos regarding the revolutionary technique that kills only bed bugs, and harms nothing else.

While downright effective for eliminating bed bugs, the AZEX heat extermination solution is also used to get rid of fleas, roaches, dust mites, lice and dry wood termites.

To learn more about the revolutionary heat procedure from AZEX that to exterminate bugs safely and fast, please visit for information.

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