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Axiss Dental Launches First-of-its-kind Preventive Programme for Dental Care

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Axiss Dental, India's leading multi-specialty chain of dental clinics, has launched a bridge programme which will be offered through its network of over 65 state-the-art dental clinics spread across the country.

Under the initiative, the dental chain is offering annual dental plans for individuals and families as also reward points on special offers. These are customized to suit the distinct requirements of an individual and a family. Round-the-year free consultations, free digital X-rays, free scaling and variable discounts on routine dental procedures are offered on all the plans, which are valid for a span of one year. Also, reward points are also given on every time a person undertakes paid interventions. Besides basic routine dental care, the annual plan allows the subscriber to avail high-end dental services at discounted rates. Discounts are offered on dental implants and braces under individual executive, family plan and family plus plan.

"Though eating patterns have changed over years with junk food becoming a new norm, especially among children, tooth care still remains restricted to brushing and tongue cleaning only. Result of such bad eating habits is plaque, which is difficult to get rid of with mere brushing. Plaque leads to severe gum problems, cavities, tooth decay and infections. A simple dental-check up can put to rest many tooth problems and other fatal health disorders like oral cancer in initial stages itself. In India, comprehensive dental insurance is in its early stage", Dr Sandeep Sharma, director and promoter, Axiss Dental.

Looking at that scenario, the ten year-old Axiss Dental has come out with annual plans, under the Bridge Programme, which cover individuals as also family members at a very affordable and reasonably priced rate, he added.

Like any other health check-up, dental screening should be mandatory for every individual. While its frequency could vary depending on the condition of the oral health of a person, a dentist should at least be visited once a year, he said.

"Most of the dental problems begin with poor oral hygiene, which can be prevented by timely check-ups. Our annual dental plan is very economical as we aim to make people come forward for screenings. There is a mindset in people that going for a dental screening is an unwanted spending. What they fail to understand is that many other health problems start with oral infections only and then they take a severe form. Visiting a dentist can help save a person health ailments, besides keep the oral health in good shape," stated Dr Amit Sachdeva, director and promoter of Axiss Dental.

The annual bridge programme is also flexible as it allows the subscribers to avail services anywhere, depending upon the availability of Axiss Dental's clinic, in case they are being transferred to another place with no interruptions in accessing care.

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