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AXIS Capital Group See Double-Digit Growth in Rentals

Construction Equipment Rentals are Predicted to Raise to a Double-Digit Growth

Singapore, Axis Capital Group, Singapore is positive that the rental of construction equipment activity will stay strong and in fact will grow up to a double-digit, as per the survey recently conducted by Axis. They even concluded that this year the rental segment of the industry will grow about 18 percent

The recognition of equipment rentals has improved as contractors and construction companies continue to be hesitant to compromise to huge purchases. Renting as compared to purchasing or leasing, lets them access the most up-to-date machines with no the large upfront payments.

In the past months, Axis Capital Group asked 100 of its dealers across the Southeast Asia about their opinions on their own business' rental activity, equipment purchases and utilization rates.

Early this year, Axis Capital Group has extended its financing program for dealers, making it easier for them to purchase construction equipment for their rental fleets. Line-item financing — where equipment is purchased unit by unit — permits dealers more flexibility than traditional financing for a pool of equipment.

About Axis Capital Group, Singapore

Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore, is a company that sells and rents construction capital equipment from cranes to excavators and related heavy construction equipment throughout Southeast Asia. The company is a multi-line dealership that is committed in assisting you in finding the products that will meet your job requirements.

Since 1999 Axis Capital Group has been servicing Southeast Asia with a complete selection of capital equipment. We continually focus on providing the highest standards in quality products and customer service.

The company structure and flexibility combined with relatively low overheads make Axis Capital Group very competitive in the market place and since Singapore is a port and where the company is based, you are guaranteed that your equipment will be delivered in no time and with the highest of quality.

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