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Awards Season Book Release

Christopher Gaida, one of the top celebrity escorts for fourteen years has escorted A-list stars at award shows such as the Academy Awards, Emmys,Grammys, Golden Globes and others will release the first ever book on awards shows January 31st.

Award Show Secret's Revealed!
Arm Candy Hits Book Stores this Jaunuary

"The Ultimate Insider!" -Extra, Television Show

With the Awards Season in full swing, now is the time to cover the first ever book about what really happens behind the scenes at award shows. Written by someone who has worked on over 150 of the biggest shows in history!

Take a peek at what goes on secretly behind the curtain and at the edge of the red carpet from the view of Hollywood's ultimate insider, celebrity escort, Christopher Gaida. You will never look at Hollywood the same way again after reading Arm Candy.

Christopher Gaida, one of the top celebrity escorts for fourteen years has escorted A-list stars at award shows such as the Academy Awards, Emmys,Grammys, Golden Globes, American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards as well as dozens of others announced that a book detailing his experiences on the red carpets and behind-the-scenes will hit bookstores January 31, 2013 smack in the middle of award season.

Hidden for decades and never reported on, the life of a Hollywood Celebrity Escort is being told for the first time by Christopher Gaida, one of the biggest players in this world. Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort's Tales From The Red Carpet is a non-fiction book that follows the adventures of a young man (Gaida) who falls into the opportunity of becoming a celebrity escort, the (non-sexual) job of walking celebrities down red carpets and handling them at award shows and other events. Many of Hollywood's secrets are unveiled as he accompanies Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Gaida has accompanied stars including Julia Roberts, Angelina Joie, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Courtney Love, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Queen Latifah, Susan Lucci and Betty White as well as dozens of others.

From the red carpet to the amazing after parties, Chris shares his stories about what happens when the cameras are turned off, reveals what really goes on backstage, writes about who he thinks is a real diva, gives party crashing tips and even a heartfelt tale about a celebrity that inspired Chris while he battled cancer. Arm Candy is a book for anyone who loves glitz, glam, celebrities and the red carpet!


Publisher: AuthorMike Ink
Author: Christopher Gaida with Michael Aloisi
Binding: Hardcover
Price: $24.99
Pages: 308
Release Date: 1/31/13
Distributor: Ingram
Returnable: Yes


Press Information

Review Copies: Electronic review copies of the book are available for download by contacting the publisher. Physical copies will be available soon.

Interviews: Chris is available for interviews of all types please schedule interviews through the publisher.

Materials: High res files and other pictures available upon request.

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