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Award Winning Personal Fitness Trainer Available On-Line for Contest Prep Coaching

If you are looking to compete in bodybuilding, call Old School Fitness. You can work on-line with owners Ken and Tania Karnack who have created great results for bodybuilders across the United States, garnering numerous awards.

Contest Prep for Men's and Women's Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique:

Contest Prep Coach

If you are looking to compete in bodybuilding, you can't go wrong with Old School Fitness. They have created great results for bodybuilders across the United States garnering numerous awards. Owners Ken and Tania Karnack have created quite a track record. Just take a look at some of the results from their clients!

Reno Championships - NPC Over 50, 6th (2013)
1st show California Governor's Cup - NPC, Figure 45+, 6th (2013)
California Governor's Cup - NPC, Figure B, 5th (2013)
California Governor's Cup - NPC, Figure 40+, 9th (2013)
Muscle Contest (So Cal) - NPC, Figure A, 8th (2013)
Muscle Contest (So Cal) - NPC, Figure 50+, 1st (2013)

Brittany Green - Sacramento Show- NPC Bikini DNP 1st show (2012)
Ginnemae Tahoe Show NPC Bikini Open,) 1st show (2012)
Kris Nord, Tahoe Show, Men's Physique open 4th 1st show (2012)
Alex Montes - Clovis Bodybuilding Championships, 4th open 1st show (2011)
Sacramento Championships - NPC, Light Weight, 1st (2011)

"Hiring a contest coach for your next show could make the difference between first and second place, or not placing at all", say owners Ken and Tania Karnack. Using someone to watch over your meals and your program is one of the best ways to get in great condition. Doing it on your own is 100% possible, but when you hire a personal coach, your accountability factor goes up 10 fold.

Some of the bodybuilders and figure competitors out there spend tons of money on supplements, diet books, programs and food, yes food! It all costs money and hiring a personal trainer to be there with you in person may not be possible on your budget. Hiring an online coach, however, is a very economical way to get all the help you need for your prep.

Who Is Old School Fitness?
Old School Fitness Online has been around since the early 90s. In fact, it was the first online coaching program. Our goal is to make you into a lean machine of molten muscle, not a freaky steroid mass. Save that for the crazy guys. This is more like a natural men's physique type of body, something the girls love to look at. They won't be able to take their eyes off your sculpted abs and chiseled gluts.

We take a simple approach to our dieting regimen. We keep you away from stimulants that ruin your adrenal glands, suppress your immune system and dehydrate you.

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