Avacade Investment Options Offer Alternative Investment Opportunities

Enables Investors to Reap the Benefits of Rewarding Investment Options like Melina, Sapling Teak and Standing Teak

Avacade is a reputed asset management company specializes in providing alternative investments to investors around the world. The company's mission is to be a leader in the world of sustainable investment products. It strives for excellence in its investment options and offers great customer service to its clients.

The company understands "standard" investment options have been under-performing, opaque and overly complicated for a long time. The company intends to come up with new approaches with the focus on straightforwardness, transparency and sustainability. The firm offers rewarding investment opportunities in Melina, sapling teak and standing teak.

Melina Investment:

The company offers opportunities to invest in Melina, which is a fast growing and highly sought after wood. The word is quite popular across Central America. Melina investment is far safer than traditional investing options like stocks and shares. Even if the stock market crashes, trees continue to grow and give returns to investors. The density of Melina is more than that of Oak. The wood is widely used in furniture and building materials. The color of the wood is creamy white, which makes the wood suitable to be used in food packaging industry. Melina trees are planted in Costa Rica, which has the ideal environment for the growth of this species. Melina is also widely used in fruit exportation to form pallets. With the constantly rising demand of the wood, Melina investment proves to be extremely profitable.

Sapling Teak Investment:

Avacade enables investors to put their money in Tectona Grandis or teak, which is a hardwood of high value. Since the year 1970, the prices of teak have increased by 15% per annum on an average. Teak is one of the tropical trees and is famous for its high quality grain. The wood is extensively used in yachts, house building and furniture due to this feature. Rising demand for teakwood accompanied with the limited global supply indicates that the prices of teak should increase continuously. In sapling teak investment, the investor buys teak trees at the sapling age. Hence, the investment is suitable for investors of the long-term (25 years). The sapling teak plantations are located in Sri Lanka. The investment yields significant returns over the long-term.

Standing Teak Investment:

Standing teak investments are highly rewarding and convenient for investors who are planning or short and medium-term investments. In this investment, investors need to put their money in mature teak trees. The investment reduces the time for which investors require to wait to get their returns significantly. Teak contains a substantial amount of oil, due to which a teak tree is protected from a number of elements like fungi, bacterial diseases and insects. Teak trees are at risk of getting damaged during their early stages. However, mature teak trees do not have any such risk and make stable investments. In this investment, investors invest in teak trees that are 15 years old already. The plantation of standing teak is located in Borneo, Malaysia.

Investors can visit the company's website to know about the investment options offered by the company.

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