Author Provides A Way For Anyone To Use 2D Barcodes Creatively With Their Smartphones And Computer Tablets At Very Little Cost

Everywhere it seems like more and more advertisements, product brochures, billboards, webpages, public displays and ID's are featuring these mysterious little square printed things each and every day. What are they? They are two dimensional bar codes

In his new book, author R. Henry Thomas outlines a myriad of creative applications using readily available "2D" bar coding systems working in concert with Smart phones or Computer Tablets to construct new ideas for business promotions, product introductions, enhancements and social networking. Today no one can help but notice more and more of these little square codes popping up all over. When shopping they help to pay for goods and services. In addition,they quickly preform price checks, review specifications, find service outlets or can provide a video tour of potentially your next car, boat or home purchase, Thomas notes. Automatically dialing phone numbers, viewing websites or going right to Facebook pages by just scanning your easily created and printed "two dimensional" codes is easily achieved. Most people can do this within minutes of reading my book and even customize their background images with vibrant color or photographs, he added.

These squiggly squares often referred to as "Quick Response Codes" or "Microsoft Tags" are now being used daily in nearly all types of transactions and are inherently adaptable to a wide variety of known and undiscovered applications. This book provides the reader with background on how "Bar Codes" came into existence and takes the mystery out of them, Thomas says. It also details information on different auto identification approaches, scanning applications and providers. The publication graphically illustrates how many are being used today and how they can be molded to fit social or business applications for use tomorrow, Thomas added. His book will also provide the reader with some interesting and entertaining personal experiences regarding "high technology", its history and it will attempt to expand their overall knowledge of bar coding and scanning methodologies.

Mr. Thomas, who holds an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University, has extensive experience in the auto identification, biometric, credentialing and computer systems industries. He believes his book can be the key for professional entrepreneurs and small business people seeking to use this relatively free bar code technology to enhance their company's profitability, expansion and create a differential advantage. It can also permit students to learn how to create many personalized items right at home, such as name tags, unique embedded message labels, T-shirts and even costume jewelry.

The publication titled, "What Are Those Little Square Things I Now See Everywhere?" is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as, -ISBN: E Books 978-1-4771-4863-1 -ISBN: Soft Cover 978-1-4771-4862-4

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