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Since October 14, 2013, Jane Timm Baxter has released three self-published eBooks.

Since October 14, 2013, Jane Timm Baxter has released three self-published eBooks. By the end of 2014, she intends on releasing at least three more books.

The first eBook released, Night Garden, is a horror/thriller novel in which none of the characters could be labeled "normal." From the main character's mostly shaved head, except for a fringe of blue bangs, to the serial killer hunting at night, every one appears as a very strange book cover, begging to be read. The novel centers on Karen Krane as her life spins out of control by the suicide of her fiance. But while Karen attempts to recover and move forward with her life, there is another party interested in her—one that is seething with grasping, covetous desires. All of this happens along the backdrop of a year-long spate of unsolved, bloody serial killings. As tension builds and the mystery slowly unravels, Karen's life hangs in the balance.

The answer, as the book copy promises, will leave readers breathless and stunned. Night Garden is a suspense-filled mystery laden with alternative themes and intriguing, off-color characters (some supernatural) who inhabit her home away from home, the Cirkus Freakatorium, where nudity, fire-eating, vampirism, and body-hook suspensions are the norm.

A rather interesting choice of material to break into the self-publishing e-book field, especially since Baxter states that Night Garden is the first book in a trilogy.

"E-books have truly expanded the self-publishing option," says Baxter. "Writers can get their work out into the world faster, and with much less expense when compared with print on demand operations or vanity presses."

Baxter has seized the opportunity and followed the release of Night Garden with her unique take on the vampire mythology found in Shadows of Dawn, which became available for download on January 30th.

"Shadows of Dawn has been categorized as a horror novel," Baxter says, "mainly due to the characters not being human. Although it does contain violence, I think of it more along the lines of an action novel."

At least one other person agrees with Baxter, as evidenced by the following review posted on "This was a paranormal crime story with vampires. Great details were given to every layout and you had to read the whole story to get the full picture. I would describe it as a Dan Brown type story using a paranormal setting. One has to pay attention to details mentioned throughout the story to follow the clues, such as a sense of feeling of closeness of another or visions of another person's power from within or markings on a body. The adventure moves fast, all leading up to the climax. By the end, you have been only given a taste of what Ebonadrakys can do and you want to know more."

Even though there are two more books that will form the trilogy of Shadows of Dawn, Baxter is currently working on a "stand alone" novel. She describes the current work in progress as "spiritual horror."

"I wouldn't call my current project Christian horror," Baxter explains, "even though the story has definite Christian aspects and archetypes. However, it deals with them in such a way that I feel many Christians may...," she pauses for a moment. "Well, frankly, they won't like it."

Perhaps that demographic would be more interested in reading Flashes Revisited, which Baxter released at the end of February. A collection of flash fiction (stories told in less than 1,000 words) and short stories, Flashes Revisited ends with an epic poem in the style of The Canterbury Tales.

From mystery to murder, from vampires to fantasy to poetry, Baxter is proving that the e-book trend will not be going away any time soon... and neither will she.

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