Author Jackie Spencer Releases New Book Delectable Spirit II "The Darker Side"

Author Jackie Spencer releases new book Delectable Spirit II "The Darker Side". A collection of tales written in poetic form depicting love, hate, betrayal. Witches, vampires & ghosts telling their tales.

Author Jackie Spencer's Delectable Spirit II "The Darker Side" is filled with lusty verses, tragic endings and some dark yet enlightening experiences. Included in these gatherings of verses and short tales are murder, suicide, love, hate, betrayal and romance written in poetic format by and about ghosts, witches and vampires. Haunted spirits that tell their tales.

Venturing into unknown territories to seek truth in love. Sometimes these searches are in vain and have mysterious outcomes leading to death and destruction as depicted in these verses.

A fan of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, Jackie Spencer has taken this creativeness to another level.

"A Strong Spirit is Eternal" Writes James Andrew at Midwest Book Review on Jackie Spencers' first book Delectable Spirit.

Review goes on to say: "Delectable Spirit" is a collection of poetry from a woman who has overcame many harsh realities throughout her life. Jackie Spencer has developed her own spirit's strength through all of these, and her verse is a display of its power and strength, speaking on the triumphs and tragedies of life.

Delectable Spirit is a fine book from a fine woman, recommended. James Andrew / Midwest Book Review.

White witches and
Black Witches
Sharing their brew
Werewolves and vampires
With lots of lusty crew
Dark alluring commentary
Are just to name a few
Throw in a psycho that murdered his wife
Then add just a bit of sugar and spice,,,,,,

Jackie Spencer is working on her third book to be released in Fall of 2013 "Delectably Wicked Halloween"

Jackie Spencer Author / Writer resides in southwest Florida and can be contacted via her website or through email or

The book Delectable Spirit II "The Darker Side" is
available in paperback and also Kindle format.


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