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Author Elise Celine Releases Inspirational Young Adult Romance Novel 'John Dreamer'

Elise Celine announced today that her highly anticipated debut novel John Dreamer is now available for sale.

Elise Celine announced today that her highly anticipated debut novel John Dreamer is now available for sale. John Dreamer is a compelling and inspirational young adult novel.

"There are eight characters in the story, and many of them play a very important role, but it all comes down to Andy and John," says Elise Celine. "Andy is a troubled soul. She is very compassionate, but she's so afraid of getting hurt that she guards her feelings and shuts people away. John is an enigma, a good-looking natural leader, who observes and learns, who waits quietly before speaking his mind."

Andy wasn't usually sure about much, but she was absolutely certain this was the weirdest day of her life as she stood stranded in the middle of a great white room with six strangers. Well, they were mostly strangers. She could have sworn she'd seen the guy with the green eyes before, and maybe that was why he kept staring at her. When a man calling himself the Guardian appeared and said they had come to make their deepest dreams come true, they embark on an adventure none of them ever imagined—where anything is possible—and the consequences of their actions would change them forever.

"Many of us have found ourselves in a place (our "Great White Room") where we question the path we should take in life and I would have loved to have a "Guardian" like this to guide me through the process... This is what I like the most about this book, anyone can relate to it… it is heart warming, emotional and so much fun to read!" - Amazon Review

John Dreamer is about overcoming your fears, your obstacles, and your demons to go beyond what you think you are capable of to find love and happiness. It's about changing your life for the better and living your dreams.

John Dreamer is available for sale on Amazon:

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