Andre Maxwell Jacob's long anticipated novel, And Then There Was Life! will soon debut nationwide. Are in love with reading then this needs to be the next novel your read Lovers of Espionage, Sports, Romance & Comedy. Changing the way you read!

And Then There Was Life!
Andre Maxwell Jacob

Changing the way your read one page at a time!

High anticipant high action sports, espionage, romance thriller. This novel cannot be classified into just one genre. This novel has something for everyone.

The long anticipated novel has been completed.

Our author will be doing a first run of roughly 100,000 copies of his first novel. He will also be on a national book signing tour with Barnes & Noble and a few other select bookstores, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, a few private venues and universities.

We would like to reach out to several magazines and radio outlets in various markets. The novel is called, And Then There Was Life! and the author is, Andre Maxwell Jacob. His writing style is being received in the literary world as being the, "new archetype style of writing of the future." Jacob's writing style crosses several genres and categories which gives him a large audience to identify with this novel. Readers will connect and identify with its content. Jacob, races the reader into real life sports action, to high-end spy action touched with enough suspenseful drama, but still has time to provide plenty of romance as filler with edge dropping comedy. You will find something to bond with as a reader. People can relate with this novel; if you like detail, this novel is for you. If you like a versatile writing style that explores several different genres then you will really fall in love with this novel. Those in the media industry that have gotten a preview of the novel's rough draft have fallen in love with it. Many have garnished the novel with praises; which we all hope translates into the success of the novel.