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Authentic Skills Backed by Derbyshire Furniture Firm

The Managing Director of a Derbyshire furniture company says he backs the need for greater apprenticeships in Britain.

New figures have shown an increase in the number of people getting apprenticeships. Not only are teenagers applying for on-the-job training straight from school so too are older people.

It is widely believed that apprenticeship schemes will leave people with life-long skills.

A Derbyshire based furniture company invests heavily in skills which can be traced back through generations.

Online retailer Authentic Furniture is committed to ensuring original British trades such as upholstery and carpentry are still in use.

"We believe passionately in well made products, we are an authentic British company and we take our label very seriously," said Managing Director Tim Lowry.

"We employ craftsmen who've been in the trade for years, indeed many have had their skills passed down through their families. They make well-built individual pieces such as wingback chairs and reclaimed wooden dining tables to last generations."

Here at Authentic Furniture we believe British craftsmen are some of the best in the world. There are a number of traditional furniture making skills including crafting screwed, glued and dowelled sofa frames and the use of proper mortice and tenon joints. These are the skills which are cut back on by manufacturers wanting to maximise profit.

This decision resulted in furniture being shipped in from abroad and our craftsmen made redundant. However, we believe they are skills which should be maintained.

He added: "Our carpenters put great pride into the furniture they make; they simply won't put their name to a piece unless they are 100% proud of it, which is exactly what they do! Each and every piece of Authentic Furniture is physically signed by the maker to underline its authenticity."
Authentic Furniture employ craftsmen at their best. Take their Leather Chesterfield Sofas for instance, to do all the buttoning on the back takes two days but that extra effort gives the customer a piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

Mr Lowry said he is very supportive of teaching skills to the young and old.

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