Australian Resume Website Launches New Find A Recruiter Portal

RedStarResume Has Added Another Innovative Feature To Their Website. The Find A Recruiter Job Portal was created to give recruitment companies a cost-effective way to promote their services to in demand job seekers.

The International Resume Writing Website, RedStarResume, launched their newest feature - Find A Recruiter! This feature will be accessed via a special portal for RedStarResume customers.

During the last decade, RedStarResume has successfully written hundreds of resumes for candidates across the globe in over 35 different industries. From the student or entry-level position to the CEO, their unique, custom-made resumes are written specifically to match the goals and desires of their clients and to help them land jobs.

Now, RedStarResume has expanded their business, which services almost 200 countries, to include the Find A Recruiter feature. This feature was launched in order to provide a platform to connect job seekers directly to recruiters and enable recruiters to promote resources and job openings directly to job seekers.

For a limited time only, RedStarResume is offering a completely Free Basic Listing as well as a Premium Package for recruiters that want to further promote their business. The premium package will be limited to a certain number of recruiters per industry. This way, RedStarResume has strategically planned to avoid oversaturation. Other Benefits of the Premium Recruiter Package include: Company Promotion, Candidate Introductions, SEO Application, Homepage Exposure, and Direct Marketing to job seekers.

Gavin Redelman, founder and managing director of RedStarResume says, "The RedStarResume Find A Recruiter platform will enable highly skilled job seekers the ability to connect directly with recruiters as well as enabling recruiters to promote resources and job openings directly to job seekers who are actively a new job." Whether it is a job seeker or a recruiter, RedStarResume has something for both sides of the job search.

RedStarResume makes the task of finding a job, or finding the right person for a job, easy and simple. Their platform has established itself as a leader in not only resume writing, but job searching in general. To learn more about RedStarResume and their new Find A Recruiter portal, visit their website:

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