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Australian Content, Data and Email Spending to Rise in 2014

With high hopes to help Aussie companies make good sales pitches, Salesforce has recently conducted a study focusing on the status of marketing in Australia.

Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the world's leading customer relationship management firm, has talked to 219 Aussie marketers regarding the status of Australian marketing in 2014.

The results focused on their priorities and goals in March. Specifically, survey results show that amongst the top priorities of marketers are brand awareness, conversion rates and data. Many of the respondents also considered it befitting for marketers to give mobile more attention. 97% of them are also planning to spend more, if not maintain their allocated budget, for email, content and SMS marketing. They're also aiming to boost their spending for data and analytics, as well as automated systems.

Many marketers (49% of the participants) have also considered it their first priority to increase their conversion rate. 41% cited boosting their brand awareness campaigns as their foremost plan, and 31% said they would focus first on data acquisition.

Email marketing has also proven to be an important aspect for marketers. In fact, 71% of them says so, and about two-thirds of the companies surveyed were able to send at least 500,000 emails annually. Aside from this, marketers also found out that 31-50% of their subscribers read their emails via mobile devices. The sad fact, though, is that a third of the respondents were not able to develop a responsive design. This means they've missed the opportunities of reaching out to mobile users effectively.

In line with these findings, Salesforce said integrating mobile strategies into the overall marketing campaigns will be a crucial part of business success, knowing that only 41% of the respondents are doing this. Combining mobile and email marketing strategies is also considered one of the easiest ways to integrate mobile and see fast results.

Research figures also suggest that many companies are allocating equal resources to social and email marketing, with about two thirds of the respondents designating teams for each. Only 20% of them, though, have assigned a team for mobile.

In terms of social marketing, 39% of the marketers said this is the core of their company. However, only 18% of them said it delivers results, albeit many of them (66%) are hopeful that it will in the future. As content marketing continues to be an influential strategy, marketers surveyed are also planning to increase their use of blogs and Google+. In fact, 19% of them are planning to increase their spending on both campaigns. The increase in spending and integration of social networking also comes along with Google's introduction of their "extra search juice" offer, enabling content creators to share Google+ posts.

With Saleforce's survey results, Aussie marketers would be more aware of the existing advertising trends in Australia. This will help them choose the right campaigns, activities and promotional merchandise.

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