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Australia's Top Outdoor Furniture Dealer Adds New European Design Furniture To Its Already Expansive Inventory

Australia's top furniture store Cosh Living, known for exclusivity in selling outdoor furniture, has today announced it has now added a new range of modern European indoor furniture.

"As the exclusive, premium, high-end residential and commercial outdoor furniture provider we have come to be known, we hope by bringing in and making available our newly arrived European outdoor furniture and accessories we'll be making a greater bond between ourselves and our customers" says Heather Grant, the official spokesperson for Cosh Living.

Cosh Living provide for both residential and commercial outdoor furniture needs, with the focus placed primarily on catering to hotels, resorts and medical clinics.

"The newly added line of furniture were exclusively designed and created by top European designers and manufacturers of Europe's best indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories," adds Heather.

With an exclusive target audience of hoteliers, cafe owners and operators, and restaurateurs, just to name a few, Cosh Living is hoping to relieve the stress and frustration these consumers usually encounter when trying to access quality European outdoor furniture.

"Buying imported products can often be less expensive than buying Australian, and the quality and styles are often better too," notes Heather.

The spokesperson added that with European fashion being always ahead of Aussie fashion by a season or two, consumers of outdoor furniture now have access to the most exclusive range of European fashionable and stylish outdoor furniture.

"Of course, local furniture consumer will know they are getting quality and expert craftsmanship when they purchase their outdoor furniture from us. No longer will Aussie's outdoor furniture shopper be settling for expensive but second rated furniture (lounge/table/outdoor umbrella, etc.). We have set standard and it's one all other furniture dealers in Australia will be judged," assures Heather, while claiming Australian import and export are now better than ever before, and as a result, more people are choosing imported furnishings for their homes and businesses.

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