Austin Wellness Clinic's Dr. Haest Helps Undiagnosed Patients with Thyroid Disorders

John Haest, MD, of Austin Wellness Clinic leverages his experience and knowledge along with comprehensive testing to help identify and treat thyroid disorders in undiagnosed patients.

John Haest, MD, is an Austin thyroid doctor whose specialty is identifying Hashimoto's disease, hypothyroidism, and similar auto immune disorders in previously undiagnosed patients. Dr. Haest utilizes innovative testing procedures as well as his own Hashimoto's protocol to successfully discover problems before many invasive treatments, such as radiation therapy or thyroid removal, are required.

Recent studies indicate that an estimated 10% of Americans suffer from thyroid imbalance, meaning the problem affects nearly 30 million people. But thyroid disorders often go undiagnosed because the symptoms, which may include weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, insomnia nervousness and tremors, or irritability are common to other diseases and conditions. Only a thorough examination of all possible contributing factors by an experienced medical practitioner can yield an accurate diagnosis.

Due to the overall complexity of thyroid function, a multitude of variables have the potential to impact the gland's performance. Hormone imbalance, iodine levels, iron levels, diet and nutritional choices, general lifestyle, Vitamin D levels, and toxicity may all influence thyroid function to some degree; however, few conventional physicians explore these possibilities. This is the main reason why many individuals remain undiagnosed and must continue enduring adverse symptoms.

Dr. Haest and his team of experts at Austin Wellness Clinic examine hundreds of such undiagnosed patients each year. They first conduct extensive testing to isolate specific stressors to the immune system, and then devise a Hasimoto's or hypothyroid treatment plan based on their assessment of the results. These plans typically incorporate bioidentical hormone therapy and pharmaceutical grade supplements as a means of boosting natural thyroid function and restoring hormone balance in the body.

For further information about Dr. Haest or to schedule a consultation or appointment, please visit or contact their office at 512-410-2750. Find Austin Wellness Clinic on Facebook at and/or follow them on Twitter at


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