Austin-based Women's Health Startup, Groove, Launches Its Advanced Fertility Charting App

Groove has released it's advanced fertility charting app to the iOS App Store.

Austin-based women's health startup, Groove (, recently launched its first product - the "Groove - Period & Fertility Tracker" app - into the iOS App Store. The app utilizes scientifically backed signs of fertility to allow users to practice natural and highly effective contraception, ease the process of conception, or monitor reproductive health.

Groove's stunning design, user interface, and attention to detail have, for the first time, created an app that women are excited to use. Groove's mobile app is the first in a line of products designed to help women easily and confidently manage fertility in every life stage.

"My inspiration for Groove was born out of a personal desire for a simple and natural fertility management option that utilizes current technologies," said Jennifer Aldoretta, Groove's cofounder and CEO. "I believe that female fertility is an extension of overall bodily health, and my vision for Groove is to create technology that works seamlessly with the natural processes of the female body to enhance health and quality of life."

Groove was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Groove is a women's health startup that seeks to facilitate a paradigm shift in the way people think about female fertility and contraception. Groove's products empower women with the knowledge and tools necessary to easily and confidently manage their fertility in every life stage. With a passion for exceptional design, Groove's commitment to design and user experience allows for the creation of products that are unparalleled. Find Groove at:

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