Aunsoft Top 5 MXF Converters, Which One Grasps Your Heart?

Aunsoft brings together top 5 MXF converters in MXF column. TransMXF Pro for Mac is the best one to preserve multiple audio tracks.

Aunsoft MXF column brings together top 5 MXF converters, offering most instructive solutions to convert and transcode P2 MXF, OP1a MXF, EVS MXF, XDCAM MXF and EVS MXF to FCP, iMovie, QuickTime, Avid, Premiere, and etc. The NO.1 Multichannel MXF Converter, TransMXF Pro is included, helping user transcode MXF to MOV, MP4 and MKV with precise audio tracks and channels.

"Recently many customers ask for help to preserve all audio tracks when they convert multichannel MXF to FCP." said by Penny Young, one of AunsoftЎЇs customer support professionals.

When it comes to multiple audio tracks, TransMXF Pro for Mac should be put on NO.1 without doubt. Now more and more professional camcorders offer more audio tracks options. For instance, Canon XF series cameras are the most typical and widely used models which include two audio tracks. Many people have tried to have all audio tracks in one video when converting multi-track MXF videos. But most MXF conversion apps simply mix all tracks into one, or lose one or two tracks. In the case, Pro brings new possible to convert MXF footages are recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks with all audio tracks kept or selected tracks preserved. User can freely customize multi-track profile to selectively preserve desired audio tracks and choose stereo/mono channel. At present, the multi-track output formats are only available in ProRes MOV, MKV and MP4. Based on users' feedback, the Pro will constantly update and enhance functionality.

The NO.2 is TransMXF for Mac, a stable, fast and safe Mac MXF Converter for Panasonic P2 and Canon XF users or any other kinds of camcorders that shoot videos in MXF format. With this Mac APP, user can transfer XAVC MXF to MOV or share camcorder videos online in web-friendly format with success. Do you have the trouble that converted MXF video with no audio or audio ahead of video? To avoid no sound with MXF video, user need to keep the whole structure of source MXF. However, some App will also fail to extract audio simultaneously with video. Comparatively, the most intuitive TransMXF can automatically load audio counterparts when user import MXF file. With advanced audio/video synchronization technology, the finish video will be with sound in accurate sync.

More than TransMXF Pro and TransMXF, the other 3 tops MXF Converters are iMedia Converter for Mac, Video Converter for Mac and Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, which cannot preserve multiple audio tracks but supports multiple formats conversion. For multiple formats output camcorder, such as JVC GY-HM650(records MXF, AVCHD, MOV and MP4), the three converters will show the power to handle with nearly all video to video and video to audio. With this latest update with 3D video output feature, the 3 MXF converters allow user to convert 2D/3D MXF to 3D videos optimal for different devices.

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