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After several years of intense R&D effort, the work of Auburn University engineers who developed Aunigma Network Solutions' core Web security technology was recently recognized by dozens of Internet news outlets, Web sites and blogs.

ATLANTA, Georgia. After several years of intense R&D effort, Auburn University engineers who developed Aunigma Network Solutions' core technology recently published the results of their work in the International Journal of Information and Computer Security (2009, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 195-223). The significance of this new methodology for protecting Web-based assets was quickly recognized by ScienceDaily, Smarter Technology and dozens of other Internet news outlets, Web sites and blogs around the globe.

Aunigma and Auburn are engaged in a partnership to commercialize the Identity-Based Privacy-Protected Access Control Filter (IPACF) protocol. By leveraging the school's research, Aunigma's veteran founding team has developed a revolutionary IP security and network optimization solution named PacketLok™. This revolutionary "military grade" technology exceeds the best practices of current network transport and security offerings-meeting ever emerging network privacy, protection and performance demands.

PacketLok is a unified security VPN that is identity-based, mutual authentication/authorization, dynamic packet filtering, persistent, multi-threading and full-duplex. It has been designed from the "ground up" over the last five years to be very lightweight (less than 30KB) and an integrated function of a UDP frame or other IP transport protocol packets. PacketLok can operate as a lossless (i.e. secure-persistent UDP) or lossy network transport and security protocol installed ad hoc and operable on any operating system, device and network-either as browser-based middleware or embedded natively.

"We are very excited to see the Auburn team receive this recognition within the Web security community," said Kenneth Garrard, President and CEO of Aunigma. "Their expertise created an outstanding foundation for us to build on and develop PacketLok into a world class security solution for evolving networks, especially cloud computing systems." Garrard also indicated that one of the key IPCAF researchers, Andy Huang, is continuing to evolve their technology as one of the founding members of Aunigma.

"The significant aspect of PacketLok," stated Karl Elliott, Aunigma's CTO, "is its ability to compositely fill security and performance deficiencies that have not yet been addressed with legacy or future network frameworks and security methods." Threats, such as all man-in-the-middle, intrusion, denial-of service (DoS) or distributed DoS (DDoS), phishing and many more, are comprehensively mitigated for all endpoints well beyond other vendor offerings. PacketLok's efficacy is further enhanced by enormous network infrastructure total cost of ownership (TCO) savings and swift return on investment (ROI).

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