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Audio Science Mastering Hits the Big Time

Audio Science Mastering delivers high tech solutions for every aspect of the music industry

Audio Science Mastering is based in Los Angeles and has been mastering songs for artists and bands for over a decade delivering over-the-top mastering techniques that keep clients coming.

Owner Joe Gabriel has grown his company with leaps and bounds due to his keen ear for quality in production and mixing and his true understanding of what clients are looking for ensuring happy customers each and every time.

Having been embedded in the entertainment industry for years writing and composing for film & TV, plenty of high end clients come to Audio Science Mastering for final touches to their material. Providing each client with several versions of each mastered song or album is a key part of how Audio Science Mastering works. This allows for each client to have a choice between final products.

Audio Science Mastering offers clients a fare and reasonable price from single song mastering to bundles giving them a true bang for their buck.

"Joe, it was a pleasure working with you over the last week. You brought great quality to my EP in a short amount of time, you gave me a great deal and you're very easy to work with. I really felt like you were tryin to get the best sound out of each song and you did. Thank you. I look forward to our next project. I'll hit you up when I get the EP back. Later bro *}>"
David Edery

"Best master job I've heard in a long time. This coming from a man who's had his last songs mastered at Sony Records. Amazing work dude! Many thanks!"

~ mm

To read other reviews and to get complete detail of what Audio Science Mastering offers their clients please go to:
call: 323-220-2349

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