Atlanta Company Helps Americans Get "Illegal" Stem Cell Therapy

Although stem cell therapy is illegal in the USA, Global Surgery Providers is facilitating stem cell treatments at offshore hospitals affiliated with renowned U.S. hospitals.

Some of the most remarkable medical breakthroughs of the 21st century are emerging from stem cell research. Such devastating afflictions as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are now being treated with adult stem cells, and the results are encouraging.

Stem cell research, however, is one of several leading-edge scientific fields that is currently against the law in the USA. This is one reason why many acclaimed American medical institutions have set up hospitals and other research facilities abroad. Among these are Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and 18 of the leading U.S. medical schools.

Now a Georgia company is making it possible for U.S. citizens to reap the benefits of the stem cell therapies that are being performed in other countries. "This sounds like science fiction," says Jack Schafer, CEO of Global Surgery Providers, Inc., "but I actually saw a human heart valve growing in a petri dish. And because these body parts are created from the patient's own adult stem cells, there is no danger of rejection."

Global Surgery Providers (GSP) was one of the first medical tourism facilitators in America to be certified by the Medical Tourism Association. Now they have begun arranging overseas stem cell therapy for their clients.

"We recently sent a paraplegic patient to Costa Rica for stem cell treatment." Mr. Schafer said. "He has no use of his lower body and has been confined to a wheelchair for ten years. We are hoping that stem cell therapy will be able to re-grow the nerve cells in his damaged limbs."

Whether Americans are considering medical tourism for stem cell therapy, dental implants or hip replacement surgery, Mr. Schafer warns consumers not to attempt to organize everything themselves. In fact, having a facilitator such as Global Surgery Providers make all the arrangements can actually save the patient as much as several thousand dollars.

GSP not only deals with overseas hospitals and medical clinics, but they also arrange accommodations, transportation, a dedicated local car and driver, an English speaking Medical Concierge, and the exclusive use of an international mobile phone for 24/7 contact with friends and family back home.


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