Atheist Documentaries, Atheist Debates, and Atheist News - is back! Serving as a hub for atheist videos, audio, and news, DevoutNone is set to provide the best content out there in the atheist community. DevoutNone hosts a wide range of atheist documentaries, religion debates & science news

Looking for documentaries on atheism? has that. Need to catch up on the latest religious debate? as that too!

Over the last few years DevoutNone has provided some of the best content in the atheist community. After a small hiatus and a lot of work. is set to relaunch tonight with a catalog boasting the most controversial atheist talks and debates on the net.

The people over at DevoutNone describe their site as a hub for free-thinkers and their religious opposition to catch up on the best atheist lectures, religion vs atheism debates, as well as religious and atheist documentaries. "We want to provide a one-stop-shop for everything that is happening in the atheist community" said Jason Ketterer, founder of "I feel it is important to promote atheism in a positive light. So often it is seen as immoral, when that is simply not true." Jason continued explaining "The facts speak for themselves.The percentage of atheists in the U.S. is growing towards 20%, and fast. Yet the percentage of atheists in the prison systems is less than 0.3%."

It is hard to argue with data like that. Jason attributes the positive moral compass of atheists to evolution, societal changes, and the very lack of belief itself. "If you are an atheist, you don't believe in an afterlife. Atheists don't have the luxury of a second chance. We have to do our best to make the lives we live the best they can be. We only have one shot."

That is exactly what DevoutNone wants to make clear with their collection of debates, documentaries, and lectures. DevoutNone wants to help push the growing calls for enlightenment. DevoutNone - Promoting the benefits of science and reason.

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