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AST Offers Discount Cosmetic Surgery Deals In Thailand

Discounts on Cosmetic Surgeries in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, should give you another reason to head over to Thailand for a beach holiday. Find out what Aesthetic Surgery Thailand has brought forward to prepare you for this summer.

Aesthetic Surgery Thailand (AST) has announced discounted cosmetic surgery in Thailand that can be availed at the company's network hospitals all across the country. This initiative by the company is expected to provide respite to Australians, Americans, and Britons, who have hitherto been discouraged to get cosmetic treatment and alter their appearance for the better due to exorbitant rates charged by their local hospitals.

The company works with leading hospitals in Thailand to extend high-standard healthcare services to people seeking to enhance their features through cosmetic surgery in this Asian tourism hub. Thailand's popularity as a preferred cosmetic surgery destination can be gauged by the large number of successful aesthetic surgeries performed every year for foreign as well as local clients.
According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) 2011 worldwide survey, a total of 136,197 plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures (55,642 surgical and 80,555 non-surgical) were performed in Thailand in 2010.

Through this concessional offer, AST wants to provide top-quality services to its clients at pocket-friendly rates, thus removing the possibility of having to compromise on the level of care and treatment while undergoing surgical cosmetic treatments abroad. Collaborating with some of the finest hospitals in the country to come up with this offer has allowed the company to offer such great deals while also maintaining the excellence in quality.

The company's network hospitals Thailand are well-equipped with ultra-modern technology and thrive on the dedicated efforts of the doctors and healthcare staff to ensure medical tourists are satisfied at the outcome of the procedures.

Many of these medical care facilities have accreditations from local as well as international organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI). The doctors employed in these hospitals in the network of AST regularly deal with patients from foreign countries and are well-aware of the standards observed internationally.

"People seek big and small procedures and we offer everything from a comprehensive sex-change to a mere nose job in Thailand," says an AST spokesman. He further said that although the low-cost of these treatments in Thailand is the main draw for medical tourists here, many people also come for the privacy it offers them. And of course, getting to relax on the gorgeous beaches of South-east Asia is an added advantage as clients don't only look different, they feel fresh as well.

Counting some of the procedures he performs, a cosmetic surgeon in the company's network who graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, listed: "under eyelid surgery, under facelift and under breast segmentation, breast reduction, under liposuction, tummy tucks and others like nose reduction."

By arranging prior appointments according to the surgeon's availability and the client's convenience Aesthetic Surgery Thailand makes certain that its clients do not have to deal with the discomforting queues outside the surgeon's office. The company also makes sure that foreign clients are not discouraged by linguistic hindrances while pursuing their dream body in a sought-after medical tourism country. The healthcare professionals working in the company's network clinics are fluent in English and can provide the details of the procedure to the patients without any glitch.

Foreign clients, on their cosmetic surgery trip to Thailand, need not bother about the quality of service, sterilization measures, and standard of care since the doctors in the company's network hospitals are accustomed to dealing with Western clients on a regular basis.

According to another experienced doctor who was educated in Thailand and the US, "...80 percent of my cases, my clients, my patients they are foreigners ...who work here in Thailand or their relatives who just came for holiday."

The company also offers special packages so that the clients have to make only a one-time all inclusive payment and spare them the nuisance of additional or extra charges for different stages of the procedure. These packages include the doctor's fee, medication prices, lab charges, pre-surgery assessment, and follow-up care. Clients can also request tailor-made packages depending on their requirements and period of stay.

While availing these cut-rate cosmetic surgery packages in Thailand, the company's foreign clients will have to bear only a fraction of the expenses that they would otherwise incur by getting the procedure done back home. Even after adding up the accommodation and travel expenses, one can save upto 50 percent of the cost, and with such a relief on their pockets, potential clients can club their liposuction in Bangkok or forehead lift in Pattaya with a rejuvenating beach vacation to celebrate the makeover brought about by an inexpensive cosmetic surgery.
Aesthetic Surgery Thailand endeavors to provide its clients a smooth medical experience by facilitating all information related to cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

Prospective clients interested in mending the flaws in their body or enhancing their looks through both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures can submit the free estimate request form available on the company's website. Representatives of the company will then call up and answer any question he clients may have.

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