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Assured Screening Announces Top-Notch Background Screening Launch With Industry-Leading Affordable Rates For Businesses And Corporations

Guaranteed Fact-Finding Services Ensure Companies Now Hire the Right Candidates While Promising Clients No Need For Endless Investigations.

A recent fact-finding survey conducted across the United States indicated that well over 69% of small and medium-scale businesses and 75% of large and top corporations are concerned about the alarming rate at which job applicants now fabricate personal and work details while preparing their resume.Assured Screening, a provider of top background verifications and fact-finding services for business' recently announced the launch of its Background Screening Portal. On thisportal, small and large businesses can now receive accurate background verificationsand employ the best candidates during the hiring process.

Corporate entities and business interests can now avoid going into the labor market blindly and instead use tested and approved verification solutions background checks such as Pre Employment screenings and Criminal Background Checks. Just about every business conducts at least one hiring session per year; most even employ on a rolling basis. Thus, it is pertinent for businesses to make each and every one of those hiring sessions valuable and worthwhile. The company's goal should be to employ a candidate who is trustworthy and dependable.

Background Verification Services at Assured Screening is a service designed tocompletely eliminate the guess work and allow small and large businesses to be able toreview, verify and confirm applicants' claims in regards to their work experiences, education and pay rates.

"In today's uncertain economic times, the applicant tends to exaggerate their work experience, their education, as well as inflate their rate of pay. Assured Screening stands in the forefront as a leader in the truth. We will explore all avenues necessary to verify and uncover the accuracy of an applicant's information, therefore, helping our clients employ the right candidates," states Luis Perez, EVP, Sales/Client Relations, Assured Screening. "We value the uniqueness of each client and their applicants, and are committed to present, to the clients, what they need to hear...good, bad or indifferent. We just state the facts!"

The prominent services important for businesses currently being launched are the Employment, Professional and Personal verification; which are done in compliance with the Privacy Act. In addition, Social Security Number trace, Drug screening, County/Statewide Criminal checks and wide-range or targeted cover of criminal checksare now being offered on the launched portal.

Assured Screening is currently combining its service delivery with credible and informed sources to provide extensive and wide integration even for small business environments. This integration allows clients to review and verify information such asHealthcare sanctions and Personal and Professional References data checks whichallow them to make informed choices and decisions for the greater good of their companies.

In these trying times, expectations are understandably high that businesses with inefficient hiring process and procedures are more likely to considerably lag behind in customer service delivery and generating desired annual results. "Background verification at Assured Screening is a service designed to allow businesses to add quality and value to their workforce without having to sign any contracts or pay any start up fees," added Mr. Perez.

To learn more or allow Assured Screening to handle your background checks and screening issues, Visit to get started.

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