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Assured Assisted Living Facility Provides Caregiver Tips and Resources for People with Memory Disorders

Assured Assisted Living Homes provide Caregiver Tips and Resources for People with Memory Disorders.. Breaking news from by Sheryl Thomson/ in Assured Assisted Living, Elderly Care.

Assured Assisted Living facility administrator and registered nurse (RN), Sheryl Thompson, recently presented special caregiver tips and resources to help caregivers and persons afflicted with various types of memory disorders. The memory disorders are Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, memory loss, stroke, confused behavior, hallucinations, etc.

These disorders normally occur in many elders after the age of 50, though even a few younger people could also become victims of such memory disorders.The caregiver tips that Sheryl Thompson
offers consist of the following crucial information.

• Daily activities
• Adult day centers
• Bathing
• Behavior
• CareFinder guide
• Caregiver stress
• Communication
• Dressing
• Eating
• End-of-life decisions
• Grief, mourning, and guilt
• Hallucinations
• Hospitalization
• Holidays
• Incontinence
• Late-stage care
• Personal care
• Respite care guide
• Sexuality
• Telling others about an Alzheimer diagnosis
• Understanding stages and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
• Your right to make health care decisions

The resources that Sheryl Thompson provides for caregivers in assisted living facility and people suffering from memory disorders include links to Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter, Parkinson's Association of the Rockies, Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR), Alzheimer's Foundation of America, National Institute of Health, Family Caregiving Alliance, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Alzheimer's Information Site, and Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's.

Sheryl Thompson stressed that persons with dementia require regular assistance from trained and experienced caregivers in assisted living facility to make the day smooth and peaceful for the elders residing in assisted living homes. She further stated that only planned activities would be able to enhance the self-esteem and sense of dignity of such elders. These activities would provide more meaning and purpose in their lives. She pointed out that the activities planned for people suffering from dementia disorders would bring out the best abilities in the elders. Further, such activities would reduce irrational behaviors like agitation, wandering, confusion, etc. in the elders.

Sheryl Thompson mentioned that she would assist caregivers of assisted living facility, persons suffering from dementia disorders, and their family members with all information and guidelines to help them in memory care and assisted living. She can be contacted at:

Assured Assisted Living
Castle Rock, Colorado.
Phone Number: (303) 814-2688
Fax Number: (303) 814-2689

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