Asia Gets A New ESL Job Portal

expatseek.com has announced its launch in the Asian ESL job portal market.

expatseek.com has announced its launch in the Asian ESL job portal market. expatseek.com is proudly formed around a unique business model. Not quite a corporation and not quite a charity, expatseek.com is a Corporation 2.0... a profit-motivated group that also believes in enlightened self-interest.

We give 50% of all profits to charities and causes that contribute to making the world a better place for it and for its inhabitants. We support underprivileged children, the impoverished, threatened animal species, and movements to improve the natural environment.

We don't answer to a set of shareholders, but to a set of ideals.

We believe that transactional industries (agency-type industries without the actual production of anything that could be considered a net outcome) are particularly suited to a Corporation 2.0 company structure, especially where monopoly power is a feature of the industry. By sharing profits with groups working to change the world for the better, transactional industries will be able to contribute a net positive outcome for society and their stakeholders.

expatseek.com has now launched and is active and already generating high levels of traffic from ESL jobseekers in Asia, with support from hundreds of employers advertising job openings on the site. expatseek.com focuses mainly on providing job listing services in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, with additional listings in other increasingly important countries in Asia's English teaching industry, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. It focuses on providing a neatly organized service for teachers and employers alike, connecting parties through a secure and easy-to-use interface.

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The paradigm has shifted... get on board.

- the team at expatseek.com

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