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As Wine Sales Grow, Wine Accessories Become the Hot New Gift Idea

Wine sales are showing the largest growth when it comes to off-premise liquor sales. More people finding new ways to enhance that experience by purchasing wine accessories to complement their new wine lifestyle.

The market for home liquor sales, known as off-premise sales or "packaged goods", is truly one of the most competitive markets in the retail industry. With so much to choose from when it comes to entertaining at home, there is no end that businesses won't go to in order to entice customers. Special offers, deep discounts and promotional marketing are all just some of the tricks employed to attract attention and try to guide people towards a certain product. Bucking that trend is the world of wine. In addition to offering discounts and introducing new products, the new mindset is being called the "wine lifestyle"; the wine accessories that are part of the wine lifestyle are key factors in helping to drive wine as the largest growing aspect of the home market.

Part of what is responsible for this growth are websites such as Woodsy Wino that help to demystify the somewhat arcane world of wine and make it more approachable, more entertaining, and, most importantly, more fun. With the misconception that wine is something to be purchased at an exorbitant price and then stored for several years, many people have felt excluded from being able to enjoy wine, simply because they felt like they didn't know enough about it. Times have changed, vineyards have made a concentrated effort to educate customers, new varietals have been introduced, and people are learning that wine is more accessible than ever.

"Wine is more than just something you drink. Wine is a lifestyle." That's just one of the mottos of Jennifer Finnell, president and founder of Woodsy Wino. "Think of it this way: People have liquor cabinets where they hide the bottles away, but they have custom made wine racks where they proudly display the bottles they have. That just goes to show that wine isn't just something you drink, but is part of the lifestyle that you lead."

Jack Terry knows that accessories go great with everything, and that includes wine accessories.

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