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As Singapore Ranks at Top in Study, Goldstar Credit Continues Strong, as Personal Loan Provider is a licensed moneylender in Singapore that specializes in personal, payday and business loans.

Singapore recently ranked among the top in the World's Bank annual competitiveness for 2012. The study in partnership with the International Finance Corporation, tracks various indicators for performance such as time required to open a business, submission of tax returns and transitions. Singapore has held its position in the study for the seventh consecutive year.

Singapore continues to have strong economic performance in the region and has shown to be resilient to global shocks. One sector that continues to show growth is the loan despite pressure with mortgage margins.

Offering personal loan assistance, Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender trusted for providing Payday Loan, Business Loan and Personal Loan Singapore services for individuals. Catering to locals and expats in the country, the company accepts applications for the various loan types.

Loans offer the basic yet quick answer to financial needs that crop up in the most unexpected times. Because loans provide solutions to all medical, education, vacation, or business needs, it is important to ensure that the money obtained forms part of a legal transaction, and that the binding conditions provide favorable terms. Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd is able to assist clients with a variety of loan options.

Detailed at, the company boasts of quick and hassle-free processing service. In as fast as 20 minutes, walk-ins with complete documentary requirements can have their applications approved. The website also accepts online applications and, should the application be approved in principle, applicants will be called within 20 minutes to discuss the collection of cash subject to terms and conditions.

Notably, does not stop at providing top-of-the-line loan for personal and business purposes. Loan applicants can also enjoy free consultation on their repayment schemes and interest. The highly trained team at Goldstar Credit provides financial advice that clients may require on any loan issues.

Serving as an online guide for loan applicants in Singapore, comes with a dedicated segment that keeps visitors informed about the lending industry in the country. The company hopes that, by going through the invaluable information about loans, applicants will be better prepared to make the best choice for themselves.

To learn more about the trusted personal, payday and business loan services of Goldstar Credit in Singapore, please visit for additional information.

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