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As Big Changes for New SAT Tests Announced, Successful Education Solutions Continues to Help Students Score Higher

As the SAT and ACT tests undergo significant changes expected for 2015, Successful Education Solutions continues its commitment to help students in the United States prepare to enter college.

As reported by the New York Times, the U.S. College Board is introducing the new SAT, which will have questions in certain subjects, such as English, that will be presented in context "as they will be in college and in life." Math questions will focus more on the application of the principles of the subject. The ACT, on the other hand, will lean toward "more creative, hands-on questions."

However for the millions of students in the U.S., the coveted high SAT and ACT scores can decide their fate on which schools they may be eligible to be accepted. For many American families who believe in the value of higher education, the admission into reputed colleges is the key to a bright and successful future. A major college hurdle for applying students is standardized testing, which commonly come in the form of competing exams ACT and SAT. As SAT and ACT scores have become standard practice, big changes are said to be expected in the admission tests come 2015.

"Despite the announced changes for 2015, we believe that all students can benefit from various prep courses that help reinforce fundamentals for both Math and English. We have been proven to help students increase their scores and boost their chances for successful admission to the college of their choice," said Jeffrey Sonnergren, Founder and President of Successful Education Solutions.

With passing SAT and ACT seemingly the be-all and end-all of new college students, one company is dedicated to providing the guidance and support. Successful Education Solutions (SES) provides college education planning and consulting services for families in the greater Hudson Valley and across the United States.

Incepted in 2006, SES is the brainchild of Jeffrey Sonnergren. SES was created as a service to help students and parents navigate the complex college planning process such that they could maintain their quality of life and income during the tuition years. Realizing his past mistakes, having selected his own college and major for the wrong reasons, his mission was to assemble a team to provide families with strategies to make college more affordable and prepare for college success

Backed by an experienced team of college planning consultants with a proven track record of success, SES will provide deserving families and students the guidance needed to successfully attend and excel suggested SAT prep course and ACT prep course.

In addition, the SES team also understands how important it is to ace the preparatory courses, thereby offering step-by-step smart admission question answering and college essay help. Through the two-step college assistance process, SES helps students in their college selection and career choices.

To find out more about how students can benefit by preparing for SAT testing or ACT Testing, please visit for information.

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