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As America's Economic Woes Continue, Wasteful Presidential Perks Reach Record Levels

Author Calls for One Six Year Term For the Presidency

"Is it right that the American taxpayer has had to fork over $1.4 billion a year just to cover President Obama's personal expenses? Heck, no." says Robert Keith Gray, author of Presidential Perks Gone Royal: Your Taxes Are Being Used For OBAMA'S Re-election (June, 2012, New Voices Press).

In his book Gray, a Washington insider and keen White House observer who has worked directly with three presidents and been close to two others, details these expenditures. In so doing he allows us to see and perhaps share his shock and indignation at how much of this spending is hidden from taxpayers. This, he maintains, while the sitting president continues to abuse his privileges by taking Air Force on out for his own purposes, hiring highly paid aides who duplicate existing government jobs, over-vacationing, and much more. To try to stem the flow of these out of control expenditures over the next few years, Gray is calling for a one-term presidency, albeit six years not four.

As we enter the final stretch of this contentious electioneering campaign, Gray, a remarkably youthful 90 year old, has stepped up his public appearances. He spoke about this topic at the Nixon Library earlier this week (the entire talk is on YouTube under his name) as well as on FOX News and other major media outlets.

Says Gray: "With both the national debt and unemployment rates at all-time highs, the fact that the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is deliberately taking advantage of his over-the-top lifestyle must cause serious concern in our current socioeconomic climate, when untold millions of Americans can barely meet their basic living expenses. These abuses have got to end, no matter who gets elected."

Fiscally concerned citizens, Democrat or Republican, will discover how their hard-earned money is being wasted in Gray's Presidential Perks Gone Royal, a fascinating as well as deeply unsettling read.

Among some of the most alarming facts is that President Obama:

-Employs 469 "assistant presidents" and 47 czars without senatorial consent or oversight whose activities are often outside the reach of the Freedom of Information Act, creating a veil of secrecy.

-Has exclusive use of 35 helicopters and 25 limousines with 25 more on order.

-Enjoys the private use of the $650-million Air Force One, at an operating cost of $181,757 per hour, which funds excessive family trips such as the First Lady's $1.5 million vacation in Spain.

This video sums up the escalating situation. http://vimeo.com/45040578.

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