Article Writes Enjoys The Penguin 2.1 Update Amidst SERP Quality Control Changes has been seeing a surge in traffic, and authority across all listings due in large part to a meticulous attention to small details and their constant quality control. announced today that it is enjoying the latest Penguin 2.1 Update amidst massive changes to the Google algorithm. Many webmasters are complaining about the changes to the SERP quality control rules, as they are eliminating a wealth of websites from the search engine results straightway. The reason for this is a tighter control area for authoritative websites. has not been targeted or lost any sort of strength in the light of the updates due in large part to a focus on measures that are within the rules of search engines small and large. While many ventured to take shortcuts in the past, stayed the course amidst a lot of controversy, choosing to not circumvent the rules that were being pushed by Google and others. This has led to an advantageous position on top of the article marketing, and search engine optimization industry.

This latest upgrade to the SERP control changes that has been well documented has produced a whole new rule book for web pages to follow, and all marketing agents are starting to deal with the changes that have levied a lot of websites inadequate for search results. Among the changes includes a whole new spam policy, which includes the following measurements:

Forum Spam - Content that has matching anchor text across several pages is no going to be considered spam. This includes bio, signature, and constant posts across web forums that are meant to "game" the system.

Do Follow Blogging - The previously secret weapon for SEO is no longer going to be worthwhile as all do follow blogs and links stemming from their plugins are no longer deemed adequate or authoritative at all.

Comment Spam - Dropping comments, blog signatures with back links, and a lot of other auto-fill comments with links are going to be considered spam as well.

The above measures are just some of the new implemented points of interest that is getting a lot of press at the moment, and many aren't sure how to recover. has been seeing a surge in traffic, and authority across all listings due in large part to a meticulous attention to small details and their constant quality control. Instead of taking the shortcuts that many bloggers, webmasters, and websites were taking, the all natural, 100% safe methodology used has ushered in no ill effects from the updates and in fact, has only proven to strength the site's overall reach.

It's this type of commitment to details that is allowing them to enjoy the Penguin 2.1 update amidst a lot of panic in the industry as a whole. Web marketers that have been trying to "game" the system are sorely disappointed by this latest algorithm change, and many are definitely looking to settle their pages, but will find that in some ways, it is too late. This is only the beginning, however, as Google has been working towards fishing out negative links, and spam across the board, which will only continue to favor as they are committed to excellence in terms of article writing, marketing, and SEO standards.

About is a Georgia based company that has been creating quality content for many years. Their number one goal is to write catchy, informative, clever write ups for small and large business alike. They have been known in the industry for their quality, attention to detail, and no short cuts ever taken. In the face of several SERP updates, and quality control changes, they have managed to stay on top of the industry through a great deal of attention to the finest details. For more information, please visit

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