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Army Grade Foregrips Now Available For Everyone

Foregrips, a tactical accessory used to enhance accuracy, are currently being sold to everyone in both their standard and army grade variations. This accessory can be purchased in all leading guns stores and sporting goods shops online and all throug

Foregrips, a tactical accessory used to improve accuracy, are currently being sold to the public in both their standard and military grade versions. This accessory can be purchased in all leading guns shops and sporting goods stores on-line and all across the country. Aspen Ridge Sports is making the foregrips available to the civilian market.

Mark Abrams spokesperson for Aspen Ridge Sports explains the vertical foregrip and its uses to the civilian market. The foregrip is a tactical accessory which is located and attached to the front of modern rifles. The main purpose of this accessory is to stabilize the weapon thus reducing the recoil and improving the accuracy of the firearm. The Vertical foregrip has been in the military inventory for over 10 years .The military grade version is also built stronger and more ergonomic than the most civilian versions. It is however worth mentioning that not all weapons are able to use a foregrip. An example would be a rifle which does not have the Picatinny rail system. Also, some models of this accessory may be too large or too bulky for the addition of other tactical accessories such as flashlights. For this reason, when a sportsman is considering purchasing a foregrips, make sure they can return it to the store they purchase it from.

This accessory, along with other tactical accessories, can be purchased locally or online. Some local stores only sell the standard grade version so sportsmen have to search online for more options. A quick search on the internet or in a phonebook would yield information you need to locate a quality foregrip. Mark cautions consumers to consider whether you want a standard foregrip or folding vertical foregrip. The folding foregrip can be folded to fit in gun cases or adjusted to not interfere with magazines in the case of AK style rifles.
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