Armstrong Ebony Mist Laminate Floor Of FloorMyPlace Is Perfect Choice For Residential Flooring

Laminate floors are regarded apples of homeowners' eyes for their beauty and utility enhancement capability.

Laminate floors are regarded apples of homeowners' eyes for their beauty and utility enhancement capability. When sturdiness is added to them, laminate floors can substitute many other popular flooring materials like hardwood floors, bamboo floors, cork floors, etc.

FloorMyPlace has come up with such a laminate flooring variety, which it has branded as Armstrong Ebony Mist laminate floor. This flooring material type is learnt to be ideal for residential use purpose. High-traffic floors can also be covered up with this flooring material as it is said to be sturdy and capable of enduring frequent footing. Unlike hardwood flooring, this floor doesn't tend to get scratches and indentations because of heavy furniture and stiletto movement across the floor.

Armstrong Ebony Mist laminate flooring features 8mm thickness, 11.81 inch and 47.48 inch width and length respectively, embossed surface and 23.37 SF/Box coverage. "This laminate flooring variety among others can be the right choice from the farrago of its branded varieties in the market for those homeowners who want to cover wet areas of their home like kitchen. The result is most satisfactory and buyers don't have to bear any extra cost," said Mr. Dash, chief executive of FloorMyPlace, a US-based flooring material manufacturer and supplier.

This flooring material is found in ebony mist color and is learnt to be having product warranty of 30-years when used in residential places. Color, features and warranty are those things that are the reasons working behind multiplying influx of buyers for this product.

"We are always trying to give the best-in-class product and use experience to our clients so that they repeat their purchase from us only. Compare our price offer, you will definitely find it to be much cheaper," confirmed the chief executive of the company.

About has introduced a whole range of contemporary flooring solutions. It offers flooring solutions for domestic and commercial purposes and helps create new areas for living, working, storage and offices. FloorMyPlace specializes in providing need-based results with focus on creating safe and efficient environment. Its deep involvement and longstanding integrity to provide new-age flooring solutions help anyone live up to their expectations.

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