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Are Robots Taking Over?

Robots in the work force have created a new era of financial savings for corporate america at the expense of you and I. This is what some people are doing to fight back and provide for their families.

Robot Facts

Robots do not need breaks, robots do not get tired, robots production rate is more than twice that of a human. No bathroom breaks, no complaining, and the biggest of all. They will never ask the boss for a raise because they don't receive a wage.

Human Facts

Its very expensive to train a new employee. Employees expect a raise at least once a year. Most workers take one hour of breaks a day, vacations once a year if affordability is there, wrongfully treated of an employee leads to suing the company, sick call ins, maybe an employee is sick maybe their not, down time is usually spent reading and surfing the internet or catching up on social sites such as facebook or twitter.

What are the benefits to the employer?

Less human workers to do the job, no hourly pay, no overtime pay, no sick pay or earned time off pay, no employee law suits, no temp hiring for workers on vacation or maternity leave and lighter pay role.

A robot can't do the job some will say.

Think again, technology now is so advanced that the use of robots are no longer just on assembly lines where thousands of human beings have lost employment. Robots are now being programmed to do secretarial jobs, fast food, and food manufacturing. Years ago a test of robots acting as doctor's would ask patient's a series of questions then print out what test were needed then given a diagnoses. It was never used but it has not been forgotten. There is a robot called the de Vinci. This robot can do anything from open heart surgery to cancer surgery. No need to have a nurse there to handle surgical equipment just a doctor and a 3-D camera. Less evasive procedures and smaller incision equals faster recovery time. This is real.

Economy and robots

Unless Americans have been asleep for the past several years awareness that the economy of the United states is crap has surly set in. Thousands of jobs lost, thousands of people loosing there homes, more homeless people in U.S. history. Big business has already proven that they will do anything to keep the wealthy wealthy and the poor securely poor. The middle class got a royal screwing.

replaced by a robot?

The sad truth is, "probably so" all beating around the bush or sugar coating words aside. Americans still take pride in their work and believe in the american dream. Work hard, earn a decent wage, buy a house, raise a family, grow old gracefully and watch the grandkids play joyfully on a two acre retirement ranch in the country, That dream is slowly spiraling into a state of nightmare. It's going to take going back to the basics of people working together to accomplish a common goal. There is strength in numbers and this was realized years ago. People are tired of being poor. Reading books by authors like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, love them or hate them, they are visionaries and educators and understand the importance of why we all should be rich and they realize this is possible by educating yourselves on finances and joining together to better your lives. One of the biggest weapons a select few have had over the masses for decades is separation. Its time that power was taken back and eyes opened to a new way. Don't allow robots to take over and put hard working people out of a job. Create your own destiny by using the power of people and computer. Times are changing. Either change with it and stay ahead of it or get gulped up in the new technology that is here and only getting stronger. Paint your own picture with brilliant colorful strokes, human strokes.

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