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ArcaMax Publishing Receives Segmented Media Patent for Sending Books by Email

ArcaMax Publishing, a leading provider of consumer syndicated content by email, announced this week that it was issued a patent for a means of publishing digital media content in multiple segments based on user preferences.

Known as a "segmented media publishing system", patent number 8,657,119 is technology designed to deliver segments of a larger work, chapters of a book for example, by email based on the reading schedule of the individual user.

"The technology means a reader may be in the middle of a book and want to receive the next chapter by email at a later time," ArcaMax Publishing CEO Scott Wolf said.

The concept laid out in the patent serves the user who may not want to read an entire book in one setting. The reader may reread chapters or skip ahead in the book and set the ensuing email to deliver where he or she left off.

"We are proud of getting this patent for a unique and useful piece of technology. With the advent of tablets, smart phones and other digital devices, consumers are enjoying content through digital means more than ever. We believe the potential applications are wide-ranging," Wolf said.

ArcaMax Publishing delivers more than 250 newsletters to 2 million subscribers. More than 90 well-known comic strips, leading lifestyle columnists and reputable news and political commentary can be found in the newsletters and online at The site also features interactive versions of games that were made popular in print.

ArcaMax Publishing also owns, which offers the first chapter of more than 80,000 books by email. BookDaily is a resource for authors who seek to feature their books, build a reader base and communicate with fans.

The BookDaily site evolved from a classic books section of that originally utilized the segmented technology now covered in the patent.

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