Aquar-System Develops Paper Web Quality Control System "A 3000"

Aquar-System has produced the cardboard web quality control system (QCS) "A3000" to measure MD and CD profiles

The private scientific and production company Aquar-System has introduced paper web quality control system designed for measuring quality parameters in paper industry. The system "A 3000" has been implemented with the use of modern technological and engineering innovations. The use of new generation intelligent sensors enables for measuring of cardboard parameters with maximum frequency and accuracy. Sensors comply with rigorous metrological standards, providing failsafe performance, feature-rich functionality, water and dust resistance as well as interchangeability. As one of the indispensable parts of the measuring and signal processing unit, sensors affect performance of the whole system.

Mechanical specifications of the paper quality control system allows for high-precision measurement at full width, thus delivering an effective solution to the majority of system problems. Robust construction, control over temperature and environmental influence contributes to high accuracy measurement of the quality control platform.

On the software part, the innovative paper quality control system is completed with standard and advanced subsystems that correlate with databases and archives. "A 3000" is compiled into Fieldbus protocol with CANopen, an internationally standardized communication protocol for automation systems. Under standard TCP/IP the scanning device can be linked with 16 devices. Any Fieldbus interface is available within the paper quality control system.

"The new generation cardboard web quality control system is integrated with a specific drive technology that improves operation of the measuring mechanism and sensors. Another valuable advancement developed within the new "A 3000" is high precision of temperature parameters and other important quality parameters", - comments Aquar-System specialist.

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