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Cap Now Pro is celebrating 1400000 users. App takes user's normal photo and selects the most funny caption and puts it on top. If user doesn't like right away; refreshes the caption for optimal fun.

Cap Now Pro is celebrating 1400000 users. App turns normal iPhone pics into hilarious works of art; puts the perfect, most funny captions on photos automatically. Apple iPhone / iPad users may share their photos instantly on Facebook or Twitter; store photos on library or e-mail to their friends.

Cap Now Pro adds a funny caption to the photo automatically and never repeats the same caption. The app has hundreds of funny captions. Users may also renew, change and edit funny captions on their photos, make them funnier with Emoji's and write their own captions and personalize their photos more. Features also include sharing funny photos with friends and having fun together; comment and like on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. A photo taken at that moment; or chosen from the library can be used by Cap Now Pro.

Cap Now Pro is available at the App Store for the use of photo fans using iPhone, iPad and everyone who wants to have an absolute blast capping their pictures. App has one of the most user friendly interfaces and easy-to-use features. It takes the photo and puts a funny caption on the photo. Users may save photos to their libraries, send e-mail to friends or share on Facebook and Twitter instantly.

About Appsoria:
Appsoria is aiming to be one of the biggest and fastest growing social gaming firms. At one of the most dynamic gaming markets in the world, Appsoria is targeting an ADU of over 30 million.
Appsoria is also the producer of Cap Now Lite and Cap Now Pro. Flashlight App from Appsoria will also be available soon at the App Store.

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