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App Circus Online Competition Winner, "Axel's Chain Reaction", Shortlisted For Mobile Premier Awards 2014.

Kids book app about a creative tinkerer with special needs receives recognition by teachers, book publishers, and app industry -showing that merging interactivity with storyline creatively is key.

Axel's Chain Reaction has been garnering recognition since its release three months ago. The story book app been selected as an App Circus Online Competition winner, and therefore shortlisted to compete against 20 other apps for the Mobile Premier Awards 2014. It was also chosen as a finalist for the Digital Book World Awards 2014, and awarded with the Teachers With Apps Certified Badge of Approval for education apps that prove exemplary in content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience.

Axel's Chain Reaction integrates interactions seamlessly into the storyline, and has educational content, video, hands-on activities, and an open-ended creation game with objects. It's been picked as Editor's Choice by Best Apps For Kids review site, and selected as Top Picks in Smart Apps for Kids site. Since it came out, the book app received mostly 5 star ratings by users in the App Store.

Axel's Chain Reaction had almost 5000 downloads in its first week out, and reached top 25 in forty-eight countries, either in the App Store's 'books' category, or the 'apps for ages 6 to 8' category. With the growing presence of Domino Effect videos, Rube Goldberg machine fans, and the Maker movement, this book app is destined to attract the attention of creative 6 to 9-year-olds.

Its originality sets it apart from the rest, in addition to its outstanding illustrations, and polished production. It's rare to find a children's fiction book app that places a special needs kid at the center of a story about celebrating everyone's talents, but even harder to find one where creativity ties to both art and science, due to its kinetic art theme.

Teachers have also appreciated its educational value, the DIY activities included at the end of the book, and the many discussions points that the story allows, about planning, lateral thinking, perseverance, acceptance, and bullying.

In addition to the full paid version, there is a lite version with 30% of the book app for free, and a gated in-app purchase to unlock the rest of the content.

This book app was created and produced by Allison Pomenta, and developed by Cubic Jigsaw.
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Axel's Chain Reaction app
Axel's Chain Reaction app
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