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Apollo E Cigarette: One Of The Oldest Brands Got New

Green Smoke offers a variety of models in terms of accessories, including the batteries that come beautifully in a magnet box.

Apollo is one of the most renowned brands in the e cigarette industry. They have been in the market for a longer period of time and hence are enjoying a larger customer base. It is a very trusted brand which is cleared from any Apollo Review. It has a very elegant packaging model which is available in black and white form with an attractive case, which you may not find in many other standard starter kits. Here we will present an honest Review about Apollo.

It offers a variety of models in terms of accessories, including the batteries that come beautifully in a magnet box. It offers two batteries, manual and automatic. Other accessories include a USB charger, a disposable e-cigarette pack, a pack of cartomizers, etc. The battery model it uses is of old fashioned, yet it can work well for the occasional smokers. However, those who are in the habit of finishing one or two pack per day; they should choose the extreme starter kit, which cost quite economically.

The batteries are light and easy to use. But they are not long lasting contrary to what many reviews speak about. Such a small battery pack cannot contain enough power for longer use. A single battery can give you maximum two hours of service. The batteries are of good quality and they respond well.

The portable charging case will be ideal for those who smoke in a considerable manner per day. The charging case will help them in the absence of availability of some power resource. Apart from charging your battery, they can contain spaces available to store at least five cartomizers. It has the capacity to charge a battery five to eight time's maximum which is good enough. One advantage with the LED screen is that it will display how much juice left inside and whether the battery is in full charge or not. However, the case is a little bulky and you will have to carry it in your hand rather than keeping your pocket.

This brand cannot produce much vapor. The disposable package might come as a bonus, but it lacks adequate vapor. Both the kits come in different flavor like vanilla, coffee, menthol etc. Over and all, barring the PCC facility, this brand lacks in terms of vapor production.

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