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Antiquities Giftshop Launches Regular Customer Newsletter

Long developed antique jewellery retailer rolls out new customer newsletter. Customers will now be updated routinely on the most recent classical times for sale as they arrive in stock.

For 20 years, Antiquities Giftshop has actually been supplying its clients with genuine ancient jewellery going back as much as 4000 years. Numerous consumers are collectors, and might be looking for specific pieces, so the company has actually now presented a new service. A routine subscriber newsletter will be sent to customers on the subscriber list, detailing recent acquisitions, with embedded links to the pieces and a brief description of the items and their sources.

Sales Manager Jennifer Marina says:

'Many of our consumers are collectors, and they have a specific interest in particular pieces. When products interest show up in stock, our brand-new e-newsletter will alert those consumers. The newsletter gives a short description, with a hyperlink to the product on the website, so customers can rapidly decide if the product is something they are searching for and secure it at the earliest chance.

This facility will likewise be helpful to consumers who could be looking for particular pieces of jewellery, such as a marriage or engagement ring, due to the fact that the newsletter will introduce them to the most recent arrivals in our online store and take them straight to those products. It's an extra level of service for our devoted customers, and the very first newsletter has been really well appreciated'.

Antiquities Giftshop sources real old artefacts from all over the world. These products are expertly cleaned before being offered for sale on the web site. All antique jewellery products feature free shipping worldwide, a certification of provenance and a detailed refund policy. The internet site likewise consists of great deals of information about the history of ancient jewellery from Celtic times to the Middle Ages. Specialist insight on caring for antique jewellery is likewise offered from the experts at Antiquities Giftshop.

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