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Slips and falls are the leading claims handled by personal injury attorneys throughout the US.

Slips and falls are the leading claims handled by personal injury attorneys throughout the US. Slips and falls amount to the majority of work related industries, which is why business owners are looking for ways to improve health and safety within the workplace.

Anti slip stair tread is one of the many solutions available on the market today. This versatile tread can be added to any stairs, adding a grip to each step and reducing the risk of an accident.

Stairs can be exceptionally dangerous, especially for staff members carrying heavy items or a load of files or paperwork. In a majority of cases the stairs are made from wood, which can be exceptionally slippery, leading to more falls than expected.

It's essential for business owners to ensure they take the relevant steps to prevent accidents from happening. The anti slip stair tread is placed on the edge of each step. It can be placed neatly and reduces the risk of slips and falls within the workplace.

The advantage to this product is that it can be applied to just about any material. Anti slip stair tread can be added to wood, concrete and stone. The area should be clean and dry before applying the material, ensuring it fits the area securely.

Most companies that supply this type of material offer a primer, which should be applied before application. The primer ensures the anti slip stair tread remains in place and doesn't start to lift.

Once notice the material lifting it should be stuck down or replaced as quickly as possible, as this can also cause falls and injury. Many slips and falls reported are a result of uneven flooring or a lifted area of carpet or material, so needing to ensure you apply the anti slip stair treads accurately so they can provide you with the security you need when people use the stairs at your property.

The good news is that the anti slip stair treads come in a range of sizes. Most people choose a strip which is placed along the front of the step to reduce the risk of a fall, but some people prefer to cover the majority of the step, ensuring that the person using the stairs has good grip, whether they are going up or down.

When choosing this type of material, it's essential you choose a reputable and reliable company to order from. When you realize there is a problem, you want it sorted as quickly as possible.

Always measure the stairs and work out how much grip material you will require. The supplier you choose should offer a various number of sizes, enabling you to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Always ensure that the material is placed according to the instructions, along with a primer to hold it in place for as long as possible. This material is durable and long lasting and is well worth the money, when you consider how much a liability claim against you would cost.

Companies throughout the world choose this material to secure their stairs on a daily basis. While this material cannot guarantee there will be no falls, it can reduce the risk of a fall.

Ensure you take every possible step to ensure the safety of your staff by adding this type of material to your stairs; the material is also available for walkways and flooring, ideal for high traffic areas or areas that are slippery and can result in an accident.

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